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Store Policies

We want you to feel secure when you shop with us, so here are our policies in compliance with our manufacturer, Printful. Here you can find information about returns, exchanges, and refunds, as well as other important details. Note that certain orders, depending on quantity and location of production, may be subject to duty taxes on behalf of customer. Questions? Please, do not hesitate to get in touch via email or phone! 


Failed Deliveries:

If a carrier is unable to complete a delivery for a specific reason, such as an incorrect address or unclaimed package, the item will be shipped back to the default return address - which is Printful's warehouse. We will then be notified and will send the customer an email accordingly. Please be careful to doublecheck your information before making a purchase, and use this link to look up your area's ZIP code if you are unsure. If the item fails to be delivered, and we have confirmed this, we will offer you a full refund. 



  1. An important thing to note is that masks, water bottles, and stickers are all FINAL SALE. Meaning once purchased and delivered to the customer, they cannot be returned or refunded UNLESS damaged by the manufacturer during shipping, handling, and delivery. In that case, the customer will be able to get a refund if the item is unused. (Pictures may need to be provided).
  2. For any returns due to damaged items, if the item was damaged during shipping and handling, the manufacturer will take full responsibility and may provide a free replacement given certain requirements are met. Please contact us within 2 weeks of receiving your item, and we (CMAC Dapo) will get in touch with you on the next steps. 
  3. Our Return policy does not include Buyer's Remorse, or items that have been damaged by the buyer themselves. We will not be able to return or refund you for those purchases. Thank you for your understanding.  
  4. For more information regarding our manufacturer's return policies, please read through their policies carefully here.


Regarding Size Exchange:

  1. Size Exchange FOR CLOTHING ITEMS may only be done once for the customer and product in question. No repeats. 
  2. For any and all exchanges, please contact our customer service emails, or contact the store via the contact page. [[email protected]] or [[email protected]].
  3. We will be in touch with you to refund you for the original order, (as long as the item is not damaged), after which we will instruct you to purchase the size for the item you'd like to replace your initial purchase with. 
  4. After this we will instruct you on how to return (ship) the item back to the default return address. 


Lost Items:

For all orders we will provide you with a tracking number post shipment. Either we will personally email this to you, or our manufacturer will. If, for whatever reason, the item is lost in transit, or is incorrectly marked as delivered, please get in touch with us so that we can track the item down ourselves. If there are delays in the delivery, we will contact you. If there are any issues with the item itself or the delivery, we will file a problem report with our manufacturer and get back to you with the next step. If item fails to be delivered, we will give you a full refund.